Our Mission

StudentCasting.co.uk was created to provide film and drama students and professional actors across the United Kingdom with a platform to work together. We found that drama students would graduate, only to be told that they had no experience so couldn’t find agents, or that they didn’t know how the casting process starts. StudentCasting.co.uk aims to solve this problem and provide opportunities to students so that they are ready with experience prior to graduation. We also aim to give film students a more efficient and cost-free casting platform compared to others available.

The future of film and drama lies within the students that study it. StudentCasting.co.uk aims to be the best support network for the future of film.

Our Story

Following the success of “The Student Film Makers and Actors Network U.K” group on social media, Jake Day and Luke Bichard decided to create StudentCasting.co.uk as a way of bringing student film makers, drama students and professional actors together in a supportive and collaborative way.

The group received over 500 members in its first 24 hours and after a month of continuous growth and successful castings, StudentCasting.co.uk was born. e hope that this network of future and current creatives will support the future of film from its very beginning.

Thank you for your support.

Jake Day and Luke Bichard
Founders and Creators of StudentCasting.co.uk