Applications allows any student registered as studying either film production or film and television related courses at undergraduate level at a university in the U.K to post a casting call. Castings will not be accepted without a valid university e-mail account.
This is to ensure that the projects are genuine and are not coming from fraudulent companies, and the actions of could cause risk or harm to anyone who applies to the relevant casting.
Casting Call Publishing
Once you have submitted your casting call it will be sent approval by the site administrators. The criteria are set with the aim of including as much relevant information as possible, all fields must be completed and any castings with missing information will not be published.
It may take up to 24 hours for your casting to appear. will aim to publish any castings as soon as possible but due to resources being limited you should expect a period of 24 hours before your casting is approved.
We do not have the resources to inform you when your call has been published at present so please check back on the site within 24 hours to check that your casting call has been posted.
Casting Calls not published
If your casting call has not been published within 24 hours of submitting it has most likely been rejected for the following reasons
·      Missing information
·      Suspected to be fraudulent
·      Use of personal e-mail account (You must use a U.K university e-mail account)
If you have any problems with posting casting calls please e-mail, with the subject line “CASTING CALL NOT PUBLISHED”.
Paid / Expenses Paid
Castings will appear as “Paid or “Expenses”. We encourage you to pay at National Minimum Wage (NMW) and should follow the guidelines as below (rates are per hour). does anticipate that most of the castings will be expenses only, but we’ve displayed the (NMW) because students may not have realised that it could actually be quite affordable.

These rates are for the National Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage. The rates change every April.

Year25 and over21 to 2418 to 20Under 18Apprentice
April 2018£7.83£7.38£5.90£4.20£3.70
Source (accessed on 18th April 2018) and our responsibilities does not accept any responsibility for any of the productions that are cast through the website has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the castings are posted by students studying at a university based in the United Kingdom and that it is only castings from students that are posted. does not accept responsibility for the actions of any person involved in any of the productions posted on and any complaints should be made to the appropriate institution or persons representing that institution. is currently run by volunteers. The aim of is to bring student casting calls up to as high a standard as possible to ensure that relationships between student film makers and actors begin in the best way possible.
Our aim is to become the standard casting platform for student film makers to ensure that those actors, professional or not, can trust that the project will be worth their time if they choose to commit to it.
User Policy reserves the right to block any user who may be abusive or committing harassment of any other user via the website.
Your Data and what we do with it
In simple terms, not a lot. All information is provided by you (the user) and will keep personal data to a minimum. This is for your protection. will view the data you have submitted however this data will only be viewed for approving the publishing of Resumes or for publishing Casting Calls. does not sell any data to third party companies nor do we allow access to of any third parties to view your data. can monitor all messages that are exchanged via the Messages will only be viewed if necessary and this will most likely be done if there is problem with our mail server which need to be rectified.

Some data maybe viewed by persons not registered with